EdcampWCSD is Coming on March 9th, 2018

Mission Statement

The mission of the Wappingers Central School District is to empower all of our students with the competencies and confidence to challenge themselves, to pursue their passions, and to realize their potential while growing as responsible members of their community.

Our Core Values

We believe that:

  • active and continuous learning is essential for individuals and communities to flourish.
  • embracing diversity in all its forms enriches the human experience.
  • everyone can realize their potential and when they do, both they and the community thrive.
  • the health and development of a community are dependent on the responsible contributions of all its members.
  • the collaboration for meaningful change is built on honesty, truth and respect.

Our Strategic Objectives:

  • By 2019, all of our students will continually identify and develop their strengths and attributes necessary to reach their evolving goals.
  • By 2019, all of our students will choose increasingly challenging goals, make a plan to reach those goals, execute the plan and share the results.
  • By 2019, all of our students will continuously explore possibilities in order to identify and pursue their passions.

Strategy 4:

We will align the talents and resourcefulness of all of our current and future employees to support our strategic objectives.

Why EdcampWCSD?

We are professionals who constantly find exciting and innovating ways to engage students in authentic learning. Let us take the time to celebrate the talents and achievements of the WCSD community. EdcampWCSD can empower and motivate us to learn and share powerful practices that we can use to support the mission, core values and strategic objectives of the Wappingers Central School District.