"La integridad personal es como la espada, no debe blandirse hasta el momento de ponerla a la prueba."


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Period 1: (7:31- 8:21) TC Duty Room 108

Period 2: (8:26-9:12) Spanish 4 H Room 214

Period 3: (9:17 - 10:03) Spanish 4H Room 214

Period 4: (10:08 - 10:54) Spanish 5AP Room 214

Period 5: (10:59 - 11:45) LUNCH

Period 6: (11:50 - 12:36) Spanish 4H Room 214

Period 7: (12:41 - 1:27) Spanish 4H Room 214

Period 8: (1:32 - 2:18) PREP Room 108


AP Students join the Pulsera Project

to support their mission to "help color the world through art and social justice" as we empower the Nicaraguan and Guatemala community with the "skills, opportunities, and education that allows them to provide for themselves and their communities.

Students Learn about and celebrate el día de los muertos

My goal as an educator is to empower all students to become knowledgeable, caring, active and productive members of society, both intellectually and socially. I strive to accomplish this with an interactive approach to learning Spanish while providing each student with a safe environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in teaching. The greatest part of this is that I am able to do it while teaching them my native language and culture.

I impart my love for teaching in my students so that they can also benefit from the use of more than one language. Knowing that it is imperative to learn about other cultures in order to live in a productive and harmonious society, my classes are normally very interactive. I encourage my students to express themselves and their ideas in many different ways, while practicing Spanish.

In keeping with the constant change in our global learning, I try to incorporate as much technology in my lessons as possible. My students can expect to interact with other students through videoconferences, create Podcasts, blog, and use free resources on the Internet on a daily basis. I welcome any new ideas that help me attain my teaching objectives. So please feel free to contact me with new ideas.


I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to New York as a teenager where I attended NYC Public School system and learned English pretty much in the same way in which my students are now learning Spanish. After graduation, I attended Fordham University from where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Science. While pursuing a career in the travel industry, I taught at Miami Dade College where I discovered my love for teaching.

I returned to New York and obtained a BA in Secondary Education-Spanish from New Paltz College and a MS in Instructional Technology from Western Connecticut State University graduating Suma Cum-Laude from both colleges. I am a 14 year recipient of the Advanced Certificate In Technology awarded by the Wappingers Central School District and currently serve as the department's Teacher in Charge and Webmaster for the Wappingers Congress of Teachers.

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