Wakefield High School

Dance Department

Teacher:  Ms. Proctor (Nystrom)

Email:  sproctor@wcpss.net

WHS Phone:  919-562-3600

Learning Platform:  Canvas

Office Hours:  

Wednesday 2:20-3:00pm

PACK Time (M, W, Th, F)

OR by appt 😊

Fall Semester courses:

Spring Semester courses:


*  Canvas has a guardian feature.  By enrolling as a guardian, parents can opt to receive daily or weekly email summaries of the class including your child's missing work (anything that has not been turned in before summary is sent), upcoming work, and class activity (any assignments, announcements or posts made by the teacher)  

*  Remind app:  I use this often to communicate to parents & students about upcoming work, clarification of assignments, or answer questions to individual students or parents.  Parents and students can also privately message me and I will respond as soon as I can during normal school hours.  

*  Talking points:  is a great way for 2-way communication between teachers and parents.  I will be using this feature to communicate when emails have not been responded to or for quick information. 

Fall Semester 2023-24

Dance II

Dance IV Honors

Dance III Honors

Spring Semester 2024

Dance I

1st and 2nd Period

Company Class

III/IV Honors-4th Period

 Please see individual class pages for more information throughout the semester.