Wakefield Elementary Media Center

A place where all are welcome and reading can lead you anywhere, let you learn anything, and allow you to become anyone!

Mission Statement: The mission of the Wakefield Elementary School Media Center is to provide a library media program which enables students to become effective users of information and technology as well as instill a love of reading that will empower students to become lifelong readers. The library program will strive to enable students to access, analyze, assimilate, and use information preparing them to become productive citizens in our constantly evolving world.

About the Tree

This wonderful focal point just in front of the K-2 reading rug in the media center has a unique story. Our principal, Mrs. Keech, saw this tree in a play she attended at Durant Road Musical Theater. She immediately envisioned her K-2 students sitting under this tree for storytime. The tree was used in two plays, Shrek and Alice in Wonderland. One day, Mrs. Keech received a call from the theater and they offered her the tree. She was overjoyed and gladly accepted. The tree was made by a 14 year old student named Luke Campbell. It had to be taken apart and transported in separate pieces. Then brought into the media center and put back together. The tree changes with our seasons and the students enjoy this unique feature in their media center. Thank you Durant Road Musical Theater and Mrs. Keech!