Supply List

Band Class Supplies

-Black 2-3 in. Binder

-Sheet protectors

-Pencils (no pens)

-Folding metal wire stand (for at home practicing)

-Method book: Tradition of Excellence by Bruce Pearson & Ryan Nowlin Book 1 (6th grade) Book 2 (7th & 8th Grade) *Make sure to buy the one for your instrument!

Woodwind Player Supplies

-Silk Cleaning Swab (cotton swabs tend to get stuck in instruments)

-Cork grease (flute players do not need this)

-Reeds (recommended to have at least four reeds at all times)

-Rico Royal Size 2.5-3

-Vandoren Size 2.5-3

-Juno Size 2.5-3

Brass Player Supplies

-Valve Oil (Rotary oil for French Horn)

-Tuning Slide Grease

-Slide Grease for Trombone

-Snake Cleaning Brush

-Soft Cloth (part of an old t-shirt works)

Concert Attire

-White or black dress shirt, blouse or dress

-Black pants or skirt (no leggings)

-Black shoes/black socks (no flip flops)

-Black ties are welcome

Music Exploratory Supplies

-A charged Chromebook