Canadian Postcard Exchange


is a national exchange that connects classes with each other through postcards. This helps facilitate the learning of our beautiful country.

Join us in the exchange.

About the Exchange

Information about the Canadian Postcard Exchange #canExchange

Founder: Twitter - @ErmaLuis1

This is a nation wide exchange and Ontario - only exchange to educate our youth about our country and what makes each community unique. The goal is to develop a deeper understanding of the diversity of our nation from land to culture to economics. As we together continue to educate, we create a more informed citizen. #democracy

This unique opportunity will be open to-- either Ontario, Nation-wide, or French.

It's a wonderful opportunity with great curriculum connections.

1. Registration opens August 1st. to September 11th, 2018

2. You will be placed into groups of 25 for the National Exchange and will be responsible for sending ONE postcard to EACH of the other 24 classes. That means you will send a total of 24 postcards.

ONTARIO participants will be placed into lists of 20 (due to grade caps) - you will send ONE postcards to each class on your list. Again, that means you will receive 19 postcards in return.

Classes exchange one postcard to ALL classes on their list. That means your class will receive the same number of postcards.

3. Your list will be sent out by the end of September as some teachers change grades and schools. We want to make sure all info is up to date.

4. The exchange will take place from October 2018 - April 2019.

5. In the past some classes have sent out the same letter to each school and some have had individual students write postcards. Classes are asked to send some details about their community.

6. Please note you are responsible for the cost of postage.

7. All grades are welcome to participate

8. Social Media hashtag is: #canExchange

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