Helms Internationals Academy

Welcome to the Helms Internationals Website!

Helms Internationals Academy was founded in 2019. We are an academy with 100 newcomer students from 15 different countries, speaking 10 different languages. Our program re-imagines what learning looks like for students that are in their first four years of residency in the United States. In collaboration with the Internationals Network of Public Schools, we are providing research-aligned teaching and learning. The 5 Core Principles, heterogeneity and collaboration, experiential learning, language and content integration, localized autonomy, and one learning model for all, are evident in the work that teachers and students do daily.

Helms 6th Grade Family Orientation

Welcome to Helms! Please watch this video to learn more about our offerings for Helms Middle School. We look forward to seeing you all at our beautiful campus in the Fall!