Worthy Derby

Race Time

2023 brings us the 5th annual Worthy Derby for Troop TX-1914 and it is just around the corner. This will be a great event to have the boys work with their dad's while they prepare their cars. Then a really fun day with the other boys on race day. Like previous years we will also have the American Heritage Girls (AHG) participating and are looking forward to the joint event.

Race Day

When - February, 4th, 10 AM - 2 PM

Where - WCBC Building 10 (Student Ministry Building)

Prepare For Race Day

We will be having a work day at the church to get our cars ready for race day. This is an optional day but if you are new to this event or don't have the needed tools at home it will be a great opportunity to work along with others to get your car put together.


When - Sunday, January 22nd, 1 PM - 2:30 PM

Where - WCBC Building 11

Places to get car parts/kits:

Click here to see rules and regulations for the cars and race.