Warrior Academy

Announcements for Warrior Academy Students!


is Thursday, January 27th!! ALL

Coursework needs to be done by this date.

Completion 100%. The "RELATIVE" Grade will be used as your Final Grade for the 1st Semester.

The 2nd Semester begins on:

Monday January 31st and Ends for:

(Seniors May 24th) and (Underclassman June 2nd) *If you want to return to in School classes.

Contact your building (HS or MS) Office ASAP!!

**Reminder-As per our meeting in the FALL and board policy, there is a $40 school fee for every student K-12 at West Branch (Including Warrior Academy Students)

Mr. Walt Deshields

West Branch

Warrior Academy Coordinator

Office Hours : (7:30am - 2:45pm During School Days)


330-938-2183 (ext. 37353)

Warrior Academy 2022-23 Application

Please use the following link to apply for Warrior Academy (WB's online school). Only a limited number of students will be accepted into the program.

Warrior Academy Application.

If you want more information or an explanation of Warrior Academy, please use the following link:

Explanation of Warrior Academy

Warrior Academy Chromebook Collection

Where: High School Library for All Students!

Seniors: TBA

Grades (11-8) : TBA

  • Please have your photo ID with you when entering the High School.

Please review this under five minutes video with info and tips that will help you. I know it says grades 8-12, but this content is true with K-12


Information about Nine Weeks Grades K-2

Information about Nine Weeks Grades 3-12



You were asked to create a daily schedule in the Google Form invite. It is critical that you now follow it. This action will help you to survive and even strive in this new digital environment. If your schedule needs adjusted, please do so and share this new schedule with Mr. Deshields. It might take several attempts, but finding a routine that complements your learning style and interests will feel incredibly rewarding. There is no pressure or rush to have the online school system figured out right away, we all understand that students and families will need some time to adjust.


You might use eNotes through your LMS, or you might use a pen and paper, but rephrasing what you learn in your own words helps you pay attention and remember what you've learned. We do this in class all the time, an online environment should be no different. You are creating a path toward understanding for sure.


Make sure you stay up to date and on pace with your assignments. If you fall too far behind, it gets hard to catch up later. Students need to progress 5% progress per course per week. If you are having a tough time staying on pace, contact your teachers or Mr. Deshields to find a solution.


If you don't understand something, email the instructor in the course. Be specific in your question. Make sure to let them know the subject, unit, and specific lesson you are struggling with. Pick your words carefully so that everyone understands. You teacher can explain it in a different way and point you toward other online resources. If your question can't wait until your next office hours appointment, reach out to Mr. Deshields in order to formulate a plan.


It's never okay to copy and paste other people's work and submit it as your own. When gathering information online, remember to cite your sources or rephrase ideas in your own words.


It is very important that you follow the directions and read, watch, and try within the lesson. Many misunderstandings stem from not reading and following specific directions.

Tips and Tricks for Online Learning

Tips for Students and Online Learning

Edgenuity is EXACTLY what ALL schools need for online options

  1. Very up-to-date approach. Unified Learning Management System (LMS).

  2. Lots of time and effort put into research and development

  3. Best for All students including students with special needs

  4. Local WB teacher grades and answers questions

  5. Each ALSO has a virtual instructor to make it 'human/real'

  6. Best program to 'simulate' real schooling

  7. Very visual, interactive, and logical to interact with

  8. Best online curriculum for engaging and reaching kids

  9. Provides LOTS of reports for student and school engagement

  10. Authentic digital learning tasks vs just 'autograde' options

The video above is a great 8 min overview of Edgenuity

The K-5 Curriculum

K-5 curriculum is designed for young learners. Students have a combination of digital and consumables. Students move through colorful and lively content. WB teachers will be grading submitted work as well as answering questions that students/guardians have. Please review the 11 minute video where we show you a quick preview of this type of content.

The 6-12 Curriculum

The 6-12 Curriculum has everything included and is delivered fully online. There is a 'baked-in' digital teacher to be a liaison between concepts, lessons, and activities. One of our WB teachers will be answering questions and grading submitted work. Our teachers will update the grades in both Edgenuity and Progressbook in order to keep families informed. Please review the 7 min demo in order to get a feel for this approach.

Example of an online class lesson with built in virtual teacher

A virtual instruction is also embedded in each part of each course

The site below is specifically for West Branch Families and Students interested in our local online School at WB. eGroup is our cohort for districts in the area interested in being part of our network.