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Denise Schlachter, M.A.

6th Grade School Counselor

973.633.3140 X17

Jacqueline Molina, M.Ed., NCC

7th Grade School Counselor

973.633.3140 X16

Donna Santangelo, M.Ed., NCC

8th Grade School Counselor

973.633.3140 X20

George Washington Middle School meets state and national standards and is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the academic, personal, social/emotional and career development of all students through individual, group and school based family counseling. In addition, the counselors implement character education through a holistic approach that integrates character development into every aspect of school.

The counselors continue to focus on the six pillars of character selected by the student body. The pillars of character are honesty, pride, respect, acceptance, integrity and responsibility. The counselors utilize every opportunity to engage the students in thinking about their character and values and reflect on the moral implications of what they do and how they influence the world around them.

Moreover, the counselors work collaboratively with teaching staff, administration, the school nurse, and support staff within the school and oversee the Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) and Section 504 Committees.

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