Financial Aid

There are four* types of financial aid that you may qualify for to help pay for your college costs:

  1. Grants: Need based awards from both federal and state agencies that the student does not pay back (must complete FAFSA )
  2. Loans: Both need based and non-need based that the student pays back (must complete FAFSA)
  3. Work-Study: Job opportunities awarded based on need (must complete FAFSA)
  4. Scholarships: May be based on need, talent, academics, interests, career path, college, etc.

*Families may also explore private lenders for student loans. Be aware that interest rates may be high or adjustable, and that the loan terms and protections are not the same as federal loans.

Avoid Financial Aid Scams! Please note that you should NEVER pay to receive any financial aid assistance or information! If you are asked to pay for financial aid or scholarship assistance or applications either through a website or a workshop, please see your counselor or Mrs. Pond. We can provide free access to financial aid information. Clink the link for more info.

Community Foundation Scholarships: These are scholarships available to students statewide, in Marathon County, or for Wausau West students.

TIP Grant: The TIP grant aids low-income and disadvantaged Wisconsin students with additional college funding to help reduce the student’s amount of loan, work-study, or unmet need. First-time freshman students are nominated for the TIP Grant by the school financial aid offices or by counselors of the Wisconsin Educational Opportunity Programs (WEOP).

Selective Service: All males must register for the Selective Service when they turn 18. Failure to register will result in up to a 5 year prison sentence or a $250,000 fine. Failure to register will also disqualify male students from qualifying for federal student loans or grants and state and federal jobs.

College Goal Wisconsin is an event that assists high school seniors with completing the FAFSA. All attendees will be entered into a scholarship drawing! No appointment is necessary, just show up for the event in the Wausau area. Check the link for the list of dates/times/locations.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Application *Available for seniors after October 1 of senior year!

FSA ID *Needs to be created for the student applicant and one parent

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  • 2017 Federal Tax Return and W2s, or income estimates
  • 2017 Untaxed Income Records such as child support or veteran's non-education benefits
  • 2016 taxes and untaxed records if 2017 are not available
  • Information on savings and checking account balances, investments, business assets and farm assets (if applicable)
  • Driver's license (if applicable)
  • Social Security Number
  • Alien Registration Card or Permanent Resident Card (if you are not a U.S. citizen)
  • Date of birth of parent(s)
  • Month and year of parents' marriage, divorce or separation