Great Schools Clean Streams 2017

Sixteen schools will win funds to use for campus projects and supplies! Take the Great Schools Clean Streams pledge to help you school claim its share!

A Message from Wendy Turner, 2017 Delaware Teacher of the Year

As a teacher, I work with young minds to help them grow up to become responsible men and women. Along with my fellow teachers, we hope that the classroom lessons we teach will be a solid foundation for the countless life lessons waiting for them after graduation.

That’s why I’m proud to support the Great Schools Clean Streams campaign, which enlists students, families and our entire community in an opportunity to be good citizens and environmental stewards.

If you represent a New Castle County school, and you are looking for promotional materials to help a local school spread the word, click here to visit our Resources page. If you want to take the pledge yourself, click here.

What's Great Schools Clean Streams All About?

Each year, New Castle County's Department of Special Services runs the Great Schools, Clean Streams pledge drive to encourage our residents to take simple steps to protect their homes and our waterways from plumbing and sewer clogs. By taking a simple pledge, you can enjoy a safer, cleaner home and a healthier natural environment.

Which Schools are Winning?

We've collected more than 3600 pledges on behalf more than 120 schools so far! And there are still more than two weeks left in the pledge drive.

To see how your favorite New Castle County school is faring, click here to see the current standings.

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