Pre-K Positives: 

Please view the Pre-K Positives (link below) to see all the wonderful things our Pre-K students and staff are doing!

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Pre-K Family Resources: 

 A website that is dedicated to making sense of media for you and your children:  Please click on link below 

Great brain-building through play activities: Please click on link below

Great news regarding the future of Pre-K: Please click on the link below

New York State Office of Early Learning Family Recommended Resources: Please click on the link below

How Heavy Work Can Help Preschoolers with Regulation: Please click on the link below!-blog/apr-2021/how-heavy-work-can-help-preschoolers

Week of The Young Child April 1 -April 7

In celebration of this week, please see our very own Instructional Coach Heather White give you an example of how an everyday item in your home can turn into play...