Our Purpose

Watertown City School District is committed to building a caring culture that fosters lifelong learners and responsible citizens. Watertown City School District has developed a depth of connection with our families and our community, demonstrating our role as an integral partner and resource for the families of our community.

Life-long learning begins here

Prekindergarten is more than simply a doorway into your child’s formal education experience. Research shows that high-quality prekindergarten increases the likelihood for success in school and life.

Programming in prekindergarten is “developmentally appropriate,” respecting the age and unique needs of each child. Caring and responsive teachers create welcoming environments for both parents and children. They understand that a key to success for every child is teacher-student engagement. The classroom experience for students includes a mix of structure and flexibility, helping children form good habits and social skills while also providing them opportunities to make choices, explore, and be creative as they learn through play.

Please see the below links to see what our curriculum looks like...

Creative Curriculum...

"The 38 research-based objectives are at the heart of Creative Curriculum. The path teachers take with children in their classroom is defined, informing every aspect of teaching, includes predictors of school success. The curriculum is aligned with NY Prekindergarten early learning standards and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework."


In Action A Day Using Creative Curriculum in the Preschool Classroom - YouTube


Second Steps...

"A holistic approach to building supportive communities for every child through social-emotional learning."



Purposeful Play...

District Initiative Pre-Kindergarten -3rd Grade

The Work of Play-YouTube


Processed Art...

Creative Art with Young Children...

Lisa Murphy explains the importance of processed art. She was also our WCSD Keynote Speaker during our September Staff Development Day!


Processed Art Ideas from Our Very Own Pre-K Staff