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3D Printed Face Shield Effort

Session I Welcome to Virtual STEM Camp 2021 letter

WCSD's First Ever Virtual STEAM Faire was held in Spring of 2021!


Please note that this is not a prioritized list!...okay, maybe except for finding joy in learning- that is a definite priority!



  3. Hands-on, Inquiry-Based Learning

  4. Developing Career Pathways in STEM Areas

  5. Using STEM Skills and Knowledge to Serve our Community


  1. STEM Camp & STEM Clubs

  2. Makerspaces

  3. Student Centered Learning- including Project Based Learning

  4. Robotics

  5. Computer Science & Digital Fluency

  6. STEM Careers

STEM Skills Matter

If you're not convinced yet- or need to convince someone that STEM education is important, check out these videos!

The Future of Work

STEM is about so much more than fun in learning- it's a NATIONAL PRIORITY!

Why a national strategic plan for STEM Education?

If we want a nation where our future leaders, neighbors, and workers have the ability to understand and solve some of the complex challenges of today and tomorrow, and to meet the demands of the dynamic and evolving workforce, building students' skills, content knowledge, and fluency in STEM fields is essential. We must also make sure that, no matter where children live, they have access to quality learning environments. A child's zip code should not determine their STEM fluency.

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STEM Organizations

New York State STEM Education Collaborative

New York is a member of the new STEMx coalition of state STEM networks through Empire STEM. Find links to other state STEM related organizations, important contacts, information about the NYS STEM Incentive Scholarship program, and information about STEM Collaborative Institutes here.

North Country STEM Learning Network (a nationally recognized STEM Ecosystem)

The North Country Stem Learning Network fosters collaboration and innovation among all community resources to empower diverse learners with 21st century skills for educational and career success.

STEM Ecosystems (@STEMEcosystems)

STEM Learning Ecosystems provide the architecture for cross-sector learning, offering all young people access to STEM-rich learning environments so they can develop important skills and engagement in science, technology, engineering and math throughout preK-16.