WPS School Building Project

This site is dedicated to informing the Walpole community-at-large about the School Building Projects through regular updates.

This link will bring you to the MSBA site.

Invitation to MSBA Eligibility Period

The SOI for the Bird Middle School has been invited into the MSBA Eligibility Period. See the letter from the MSBA below which explains the significance of this and outlines the next steps for the district.


The MSBA has prepared detailed modules which outline the process and policies for each of the steps mentioned above. For an overview of these modules, click here.

Statements of Interest

The SOIs below were submitted to the MSBA in March of 2018.

JMS Statement of Interest

JMS SOI 2018.pdf

BMS Statement of Interest

BMS SOI 2018.pdf

WHS Statement of Interest

WHS SOI 2018.pdf