Mrs. Ashley Baltrus

Hello! Welcome to 7th grade Life Science! I am so excited to have you in my class this year. I am an individual who thrives on positivity and my classroom runs the same way. I love to have fun while teaching, so come prepared to have fun while learning. You can expect our classroom to be a welcoming environment for everyone where all of our differences are accepted and loved.

I am a huge advocate of growth mindset, so we will practice and learn throughout the school year how to talk to ourselves positively. Mistakes will happen; how you choose to respond to those mistakes is what is important. We are not perfect individuals and we all learn differently, but together we can learn how to understand our weaknesses and find ways to GROW in our learning abilities. There will be many of you who find reading a novel easy and many of you who will struggle to finish half the book. Some of you will be able to write an essay in one class period and some of you who will have to take extra time at home. Regardless of how easy you find reading and writing, as long as you give 100% each day, you will see progress. My hope is that you leave my classroom a better version of yourself than you were when you entered.

I look forward to a GREAT school year!

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