Department overview

Students in the Winneconne School District have the opportunity to begin learning Spanish starting in Pre Kindergarten through their senior year of high school.

Students are instructed in the four main skills areas of listening, reading, writing and speaking in Spanish during their language experience.

The Spanish department is committed to growing our students in their ability to understand and communicate using the Spanish language during their time in the Winneconne School District.

Our department goal is for our students to be culturally aware of their surroundings while being able to effectively communicate when at home and while traveling the world.

Señora Cherek

(920) 582-5810 ext. 1603

Señora Gorski

(920) 582-5803 ext. 3171

Señor Jentz

(920) 582-5810 ext. 1211

Señorita Wesenberg

(920) 582-5810 ext. 1210