Rochester Area Climate Initiative

The "Rochester Area Climate Initiative" (RACI) was a 3-month process that brought community members together to actively participate in examining issues, decide top priorities and develop action plans for the future that increase economic vitality and affordability in a time of climate change. The Vermont Council on Rural Development provided the overall structure and neutral facilitation each step of the way. Read the RACI Report and Action Plan.

The Vermont Council on Rural Development is committed to the facilitation of community processes that are inclusive, equitable, and bring together as many voices as possible in every community we work. We strive to engage the voices, leadership, and decision-making of all community members in planning their town's future. We invite all community members to participate with targeted outreach that includes a mailing to every resident, phone calls, flyers posted around town, local group listservs, social media channels, local TV and radio shows, and through written surveys for those that may be uncomfortable/unwilling/unable to attend community forums. Community members were invited to help broaden the reach by encouraging friends and neighbors to participate by sharing the event flyer, Facebook event, survey, and by word of mouth!

Visit "Events" to learn more about the schedule, structure, and process.