The Team

Mirna Palacio Ornelas

is a queer WOC, hija de imigrantes Mexicanos, studying to get her MFA in poetry. She grew up in Ciudad Juarez, the borderlands, y se perdió somewhere in the Midwest. She dreams of the day when academia is actively anti-racist and contributes through scholarship, cultural critique, and creative projects.

Bessie Flores Zaldívar

is writer and poet from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Her writing takes up issues of race, gender, and sexuality. Her poems and prose can be found in F(r)iction, Salt Hill Journal, The Acentos Review, The Social Justice Review, and elsewhere. Bessie was recently nominated for Best New Poets 2020. Follow her on Instagram @bfzaldivar and Twitter @bessieflores or visit her site:

honora ankong

is a poet, who was born and raised in Cameroon until she moved to the United States with her family in 2011. She received her BA in English (c/o 2019) from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her work explores immigration, identity, and blackness across the African diaspora. She plans on getting her PhD in Literature with emphasis on Africana literature. She loves fashion, art, and music, and she's the person to take with you while thrift shopping.

Shaina jones

(Shaina Phenix) is a Sagittarius sun, Gemini rising, Taurus moon, educator, and poet from Harlem, New York. She received a BA in Poetry, Theater, and Africana Studies at Hampshire College. Before pursuing her MFA, she taught middle and high school Humanities for two years. Her writing seeks to preserve, heal, and honor displaced black folk, specifically femmes and young people. Her obsessions are the sounds of black existences, the passing down of stories, the ocean, the body, mothering, and home. She dreams of opening a social justice-centered performing arts school and will, by age 30.

Follow her on instagram @shai_phe and Twitter @shainaphenix

Sarah Boudreau

is the producer for MFAngle. She is a second year fiction MFA student, a fabulist, and a short story writer. She can be found on Twitter at @alesserwriter.

Joe Forte

Joe is the Athenaeum Coordinator and Digital Humanities Specialist with VT Publishing in the University Libraries at Virginia Tech. He is the recording engineer and general production consultant for the MFAngle podcast.

Past Team Members

Tyechia THompson

Dr. Tyechia Thompson is a researcher, educator, and producer. She is a Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Associate with the Center for Humanities at Virginia Tech.

Blessing Christopher

has worked as a child actor, back-up dancer, wine taster, teacher, and writer. She graduated with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Uyo, Nigeria. For her, the best stories are the ones with supernatural elements. Her writing explores Afro-femenism, mental health, religion, politics, and sexuality.


is a writer, musician and programmer from Newton, Massachusetts. Following his 2017 graduation from Brown University, Dash turned down tech recruiters from Google and Amazon to pursue the life of a writer. His fiction focuses on the boundaries of reason, the sonic dimensions of language, and the hopelessness of human connection. He has conducted digital humanities research at Harvard's metaLab, picked blueberries on a farm in Japan, and made a number of albums for a record label in Rhode Island. Because of his obsession with form and rhythm, his work is often labeled experimental. You can find more from him at