Other Resources

Here are other tools, groups, and webpages we found useful during the application process.

  • MFA App Review is a group of MFA alumni and current students interested in helping writers from underrepresented communities access fully-funded programs. Specifically, this program supports BIPOC, trans, non-binary, and undocumented writers. Readers of application identify as BIPOC, trans, non-binary, or undocumented themselves. In 2018, MFA App Review paired 100 applicants. They assist writers in CNF, poetry, and fiction. Readers are available to answer questions from October 1, 2019- January 15, 2020.
  • MFA Draft '20 is a Facebook private group you must request to join. It is meant to be a community space for applicants to share their process, acceptances, rejections, and more. Our take is that while it can be helpful and connect you to others going through the same journey, it can also be stressful. Use with caution!
  • POC MFA Draft Discussion Group is a subgroup of the MFA Draft group that is specifically for POC applicants. This Facebook group is also private and you must request to join by answering some questions.
  • The GradCafe Forum features different topic forums in which you can participate upon creating an account, or just read through without an account needed. Use the top-right corner search tool and look for "MFA." Topics range from MFA 2020 Freakout Forum to people posting their acceptances, waitlists, and rejections. It can help stay on top of which schools have begun responding, in case one of those emails went to your junk folder!
  • The MFA Years is a blog that follows the experiences of first year and second year MFA candidates in poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction. Their contributors discuss experiences adjusting to graduate school and the MFA. They also also feature guest posts from current, past, and future creative writing students. The blog seems to be inactive this year but it still has a lot of great resources and anecdotes to consider throughout your MFA journey.