Water Systems Lab

Welcome to the Water Systems Lab, within the Department of Biological Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech! Please visit the Research page to read about the lab's work and see a list of recent publications, and the Extension page to learn more about education and outreach activities conducted as a part of Virginia Cooperative Extension.


April 4, 2018: Morgan DiCarlo has just been awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! This is truely an impressive accomplishment - out of the thousands of GRFP applications submitted, only about 12% are awarded fellowships. Congratulations Morgan!!

February 28, 2018: Dr. Shortridge was invited to speak at the Science Museum of Virginia's Dome Theater in Richmond as part of their "Climate Connections" lecture series. Dr. Shortridge's talk, entitled, "How is Climate Change Impacting My Dinner," discussed how climate change is impacting our food system, both globally and here in Virginia.

December 4, 2017: Virginia Cooperative Extension has just published a new factsheet entitled "Using Groundwater for Agricultural Irrigation in Virginia." Check it out here.

September 1, 2017: Dr. Shortridge has been awarded a grant from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to develop software and predictive models to evaluate water consumption and discharge in Virginia. This work will allow us to better understand the impact that human alterations have on hydrologic systems in the state and how these alterations impact long-term sustainability.

June 29, 2017: Morgan DiCarlo returned as a Best Student Innovator to the 2017 ASCE Innovation Contest, a springboard for forward-looking infrastructure ideas. Her proposed innovation, "WaterSMART", is a modelling framework and app design to promote water conservative behavior through real time water use updates. She received an honor in the category of Internet of Things and is one of two students who have placed in the competition, and was featured on ASCE's Facebook Live video on the event.

May 23, 2017: Morgan DiCarlo has been awarded the Waterlogic World Water Issue Scholarship! She was awarded this scholarship for her essay on how conservation practices can help address water scarcity now and in the future. Congratulations Morgan!

April 1, 2017: Dr. Shortridge has been awarded a grant from the USDA Southern Risk Management Extension Center to develop extension programming on irrigation in humid regions like Virginia. This project will include the development of interactive tools to help farmers understand how climatic and economic uncertainty can impact financial costs and benefits of irrigation. More information on USDA's Extension Risk Management Education program can be found here.

Spring 2017 and ongoing: I am recruiting students (undergrad and graduate) interested in working on issues related to water resource engineering, sustainability, and climate - visit the opportunities page or contact me for more details.

Dr. Shortridge presenting at the Science Museum of Virginia (photo courtesy of SMV)

Morgan DiCarlo at the 2017 ASCE Innovation Contest