Feature a Teacher

Many teachers go above and beyond, and we want to highlight the amazing things teachers are doing for their students and our community! Below you will find Feature a Teacher posts that describe creative activities, innovative ideas, and extraordinary support and empathy for students. We want to share all the wonderful things teachers are doing to highlight their efforts and to help spread these positive ideas across our community

Nominate a STEM Educator

Kimberly Callahan- Tik Tok Teacher Star!

Kimberly Callahan is a math teacher at Fulton High School in Knox County Schools and a University of Tennessee alumni. She uses Tik Tok to connect with her students and engage them in learning mathematics. As can be seen in the Wate 6 YouTube video below, Kimberly has used videos to help her students learn math concepts such as the quadratic formula. She more recently began using creative Tik Tok videos to engage her students while schools were closed due to COVID-19. You can follow funny_math_teacher on Tik Tok and check out more of her fun videos that will make you laugh out loud!

Sabrina Boling- The Bug Expert!

Sabrina Boling is a 7th grade science teacher at Halls Middle School. She has worked in Knox County Schools for 30 years and is loved by her students and colleagues. Ms. Boling does many creative activities with her students throughout the year, but we want to highlight one specific way she has recently started engaging the community in STEM.

On her Facebook page she posts pictures of different insects, spiders, etc. with interesting facts about the creatures. She began these posts with bugs she found, but overtime her Facebook bug posts gained interest and now others regularly send her pictures of creatures they find. Ms. Boling then posts the pictures on Facebook with interesting facts about the creatures and gives credit to those who found them. She also shares these bug pictures and facts with her students on their daily warm-up activity. Check out some of her bug posts below!