6 Dimensions of Product Design

Introductory Video!

Summer Fun 2019!!!!

We are asking students to practice Dimensions 1-3 over the summer. As a design school, both the process we use and the products we produce are very important. As a design school, students should be eager to improve their skills around design.

Expectations for Students:

1. Each Dimension 1-3 has a series of video lessons.

2. Watch the videos and practice doing these skills. For each of the Dimensions 1-3 has several videos. Some are harder than others. Practice these skills over the summer.

3. You do not have to turn anything in, but it would be great to document your skills on your Personal Brand website, but you do not have to (only returning VIDA students know what we mean by a Personal Brand website).

So, watch the videos, and practice the skills for Dimensions 1-3 between now and August. Maybe one video a week even! We want your skills to be in tip-top shape when you get back!

NOTES: There are rubrics, these could help guide you knowing the expectations for a job well done. These rubrics were developed for our AP(P)EX Award candidates in 8th Grade - so do not stress. This is not graded and we are not collecting anything. We are a design school, and a school of choice. We expect that students who choose to come to VIDA will willingly do this because they believe in developing stronger skills in design.

Purpose: The 6 Dimensions of Product Design were developed to elevate the ability & skill of all students to produce more sophisticated physical prototypes. The intent is that these skills will transfer to the projects that happen across campus, as well as throughout life.

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