Trillium Middle School

Classroom photo 2019-20 school year

Trillium Middle School

Personalized learning through project-based curriculum and authentic learning opportunities in the classroom and in the community.

We Value:

Supporting growth-oriented learners who practice the values of compassion, generosity and integrity through volunteerism, outdoor projects and community-centered activities.


Showcase Information

Field Study Information

Quarter 3 Projects have been announced! We are focusing on a variety of engineering challenges!

1st Challenge - Build a tower that holds the most amount of weight using only newspaper and tape! Check back to see student's successful designs!

Student of the Month

October - Bria McKay

November - Eli Lenz

December - Bryne Swenson

January - Skipped

February - Seth Kiedinger

If you see any of these students be sure to congratulate them on being Student of the Month!

Upcoming Events

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2nd Quarter Showcase Presentation Videos

Sol - UV Light Sanitation.mp4
Julz - Candle Wax.mp4
Cammie - Bacteria Growth.mp4
Seth - Wireless Electricity.mp4
Bria - Dog Behavior.mp4
Eli - Trebuchet.mp4
Bryne - Stomach Acid.mp4
Gabriel - Bananas.mp4

Governance Council Meetings!

Our governance council meetings happen on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Look under our "about" tab for more information and to find the agendas and past meeting minutes.

Wish list:

As we begin our new Trillium Charter School within the Viroqua Middle School community, we are looking to acquire tools that will allow the students to create high quality products. The teachers hope that these types of tools will attract students to our program while giving them a chance to practice new tech-related skills. Items we are looking to gather include:

FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer Filament

Laser Engraver (plastic, wood, metal, glass etc)

3D Printer Pens

Adjustable stools

Flexible seating ( yoga balls, hoki stools, gaming rocker chairs)

If you happen to have extra of these items laying around or would like to contribute to our classroom, please consider donating them to our growing school!