CS Concepts

Hi - I'm Kim Wilkens, aka Miss-Bit and I've been helping K-8 teachers integrate computer science (CS) into their lessons and curriculum for many years. This site is my repository for sharing CS-infused lessons and projects that I have created and/or remixed and used in K-8 settings.

Not every student is going to study computer science (CS) in college or become a computer scientist, but every student is and will continue to be impacted by technology. Students need an understanding of the fundamentals of computing, so they are empowered to take control of how tech will affect their lives, their culture, and their future. Unfortunately, CS education and the technology field face pervasive and persistent gender and racial gaps. A positive experience with CS education in K-8 can go a long way toward bridging that gap while a negative experience builds more barriers.

Even the youngest students are capable of exploring CS concepts through unplugged activities, coding games, robotics, and block-based programming.

During this period, students are ready to hone their problem solving skills by working on more challenging coding projects that are integrated into other subject areas.

During this period, students are ready for CS learning that is project-based as they begin to weigh the ethical consequences of using their power to create for good.