Events in Scratch Jr.

Events in Scratch Jr. are represented by yellow code and include: the green flag, clicking on character, bump code and envelopes. The envelopes are the most advanced concept in Scratch Jr. and help with interactions between characters like pacing their conversations.

Learning Objectives

  • Practice using Events blocks in Scratch Jr.

  • Understand that the sequence of events is important

Introduce students to the activity

  • Tell students that they are going to recreate what they did in the unplugged activity in Scratch Jr.

  • Students will pick 4 characters and 1 background for a scene in Scratch Jr.

  • They will then try to recreate the unplugged activity by having 3 characters use the envelopes to "mail" messages that cause the 4th character to do specific actions.

  • You may need to make the instructions in from the CS unplugged activity visible to the whole classroom.

  • Watch the video tutorial on how to recreate the CS Unplugged activity in Scratch Jr. Practice creating it yourself and then do a live demo with your students.

Challenge Activities

If a student finishes early, check their code or have a peer who is done check it. If they are ready, give them one or more of the following challenges:

  • Help a classmate who is stuck on a bug. Helpers don’t touch other people’s devices, but instead offer suggestions for how they might go about debugging.

  • Use an envelope event to trigger a scene change

  • In a new scene, make arrow key characters that will make another character move

  • In a new scene, can you figure out how to make a character talk and move at the same time

CS Integration Projects

One of the most exciting things about learning a CS concept like events in a tool like Scratch Jr. is the possibility for students to use their newfound skill to share their learning in another subject. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few CS integration projects your students will be ready to do after this lesson: