Bioedit exercise

Construction of a rRNA phylogenetic tree using Bioedit software

Summary: This exercise involves the use of a bioinfromatics software called "Bioedit". Bioedit is not a stand alone software but is classed as a software package. At the core of the package is the ability

  • to handle diferent types of sequence formats, manipulate and edit sequences, view and edit ABI trace files, AND
  • to construct phylogenies

The construction of a phylogenetic tree will familarise you with a number of sequence editing and manipulation steps that form a fundamental core for bioinformatics. Once you have undertaken this exercise, it would be easier to understand some of the principles behind bioinformatics.

At this point, you will need datafiles for Bioedit. In order for you to get strated, you have been given a file containing the Bioedit sequences. You will need to save the sequences as a text file on your computer.

Download Bioedit sequence file

  • Start BIOEDIT and LOAD the file containing the sequences.
  • Once the sequences have been loaded, you will be ready to MANIPULATE the sequences. Have a feel for the different functions found under "Sequence" Menu.
  • You are ready to construct a PHYLOGENETIC tree, found in the pull down menu ACCESSORY APPLICATIONS.
  • Remember that the construction is made up of various steps, all of which we will learn separately at some stage.