Teaching Awards

2015 Certificate of Teaching Excellence, Council of Canadian Departments of Psychology

2015 Teaching Assistantship Award, Department of Psychology, York University

Teaching Certificate

2014 Teaching Assistants’ Certificate in Teaching, York University & Staff and Educational Development Association.

Courses Taught

2020 Psychological Anthropology, Simon Fraser University (Level: third year undergraduate, 4 credits, seminar)

2020 Contemporary China: Remaking Society and Culture, Simon Fraser University (under preparation)

2018 History of Psychology, York University (Level: third year undergraduate, 3 credits, lecture. Student evaluation: 4.16/5; department mean=3.74/5)

2014 History of Psychology (Level: third year undergraduate, 3 credits, lecture. Student evaluation: 4.19/5; department mean=3.55/5)

Responsibilities: course design, lecture, seminar, and examination

Class size: 14; 100-150 per class

Media: lecture, seminar, online platforms, power points, email, office hour

Use of Learning Platforms




2019-2020 Supervising Ethan Wei, undergraduate research assistant. Chinese immigrants’ perception of the Canada-China relationship. Ethan Wei received offers from graduate programs in Monash University, The University of Queensland, and Macquarie University.

2019 Co-supervising (with T. Teo) Independent study course. Historical, Feminist and Postcolonial Studies of Indian Temple Dance. (Level: fourth year undergraduate, 3 credits)

2015-2016 Co-supervising (with T. Teo) undergraduate honors thesis, The lost psyche: A historical perspective on the notion of ‘psyche’ and its transformation, by Sasha Lopez. (Oral presentation at the Annual Meeting of Canadian Psychological Association, History and Philosophy of Psychology Section)

2015-2016 Mentoring Raffi Aintablian, independent research project, editorial assistant. Raffi Aintablian later completed Masters in Philosophy at Ryerson University.

2013 Mentoring service in the International Student Peer Mentor Program, York University (Duties: orientation and general advice with Zikun Wang)

Guest Lectures

2019 “Discourse and stereotype”, in Graduate Seminar, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada

2019 “Developmental psychology”, in Philosophy, Culture and Consciousness course, The Living Institute, Toronto, Canada

2019 “Naming practices, the self, and individualism in China”, in The Social Self course directed by K. Bischoping, Department of Sociology, York University, Toronto, Canada

2015 “Archival research in the history of psychology”, in History of Psychology course directed by J. Bazar, Department of Psychology, York University, Toronto, Canada

2013 “Reflexivity in psychology”, in Rigorous alternatives for contemporary psychology course directed by T. Teo, Department of Psychology, York University, Toronto, Canada

Teaching Assistantship

2018 Abnormal Psychology

2017 Motivation; Abnormal Psychology; Community Psychology; Psychology of Women

2016 Social Psychology; Health Psychology

2015 History of Psychology; Psychology and Law; History of Psychology

2014 Psychology and Law; Research Methods; History of Psychology

2013 Introduction to Psychology; Psychology of Women

2012 Statistical Methods; Introduction to Psychology

2011 Introduction to Psychology; Introduction to Psychology (online); Introduction to Psychology

2010 Introduction to Psychology

Credits: 3

Responsibilities: Tutorial, grading, office hour

Class size: 100-200 students per class

Media: in-class lecture, online platform (Moodle), power points, email, office hour