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Orders & Licensing  FAQs

How do I determine the suitable license for my needs?

It primarily depends on the total number of users or seats you require. If you want to add another user to collaborate on your PC, making it a total of 2 users, you can choose either an Annual-2 or a Pro-2 license. Similarly, if you aim to accommodate 5 additional users, totaling 6 users, you'll need an Annual/Pro-6 license.

If I have more than 6 users on a single PC, which licenses should I purchase?

Although we offer 2, 3, and 6-user licenses, you can combine them to accommodate any required number of users. For instance, if you need a license for 5 users, you can purchase an Annual/Pro-2 and an Annual/Pro-3 license, or opt for a single Annual/Pro-6 license. Similarly for 12 users, you can purchase 2 Annual/Pro-6 licenses or any other combination. However, do note that the maximum user limit on a single PC is 12.

How do you deliver the license(s)?

The license(s) are delivered digitally. We send the license key(s) directly to your email address.

What is your delivery timeline?

The delivery window for our licenses is typically within 24 hours. However, we endeavor to deliver the license(s) within an hour in most cases!

How to Activate my License

What if I Re-install Windows?

Reinstalling Windows won't invalidate your license. You can reinstall Windows as many times as you need, and simply utilize the same license key to reactivate ASTER.

I'm an ASTER User. But I want to add some more users. Can I get a trial?

Absolutely! If you're already using ASTER with some users but now wish to expand, you can indeed obtain a trial for additional users. If you've previously activated any license on your system, simply head to the registration window where you activated your current license. Look for the "Activate Free Trial" button in that window. Click on it, and voila! You've unlocked another free 14-day trial period, allowing you to experiment with up to 12 users. Enjoy exploring the expanded possibilities of ASTER!

Can I use the same license in multiple computers

Absolutely, but not concurrently. To use the same license on multiple computers, you must deactivate the license on your current PC before activating it on another one. The deactivation process can be done by yourself. Starting from ASTER Ver 2.51, this process has become automatic and instantaneous. Please note that you can deactivate the license up to 4 times a year, and the license key will remain unchanged during this process.

When Do I need to Deactivate License Key

License deactivation is required in the following situations:

It's important to note that changing licensee information isn't possible in ASTER's Latest Ver 2.51. For this action, you'll need to revert to ASTER Ver. 2.31, where changing licensee info renders the current key invalid. In this case, a new key will be issued, requiring a manual deactivation process by an IBIK Support Agent.

However, in instances such as adding or replacing RAM modules, Graphics Cards, and other component changes, deactivation isn't necessary.

What is Product Lifetime Validity in Pro Licenses?

Product Lifetime Validity in ASTER Pro Licenses is analogous to the 'lifetime warranty' often seen with hardware components like RAM or pendrives. The term 'lifetime' in this context refers to the product itself, not your personal lifetime or that of the company. It's a common marketing term used across various industries. For software products like ASTER, this concept pertains to the period the product is available for sale and development. In the case of ASTER by IBIK Ltd., the 'lifetime' signifies the duration the company intends to sell and develop the product.

As long as ASTER remains marketable and profitable, the product will continue to be supported and improved. IBIK Ltd. has concentrated on ASTER since its inception and continues expanding its market presence globally. The company's recent introduction of yearly licenses reflects a shift toward a Software as a Service (SAAS) model, aimed at ensuring sustainability.

Therefore, when purchasing an ASTER Pro License, you can expect ongoing support and development based on the company's dedication to the product. While future changes in terms cannot be predicted, you're currently in a favorable position.

Can't Decide Which License is For You?

If you need help with selecting the right license(s) for you (or your business), please Call/WhatsApp us at 01580-479743 within 10:00AM- 9:00PM or Message us on our Facebook Page. We'll be happy to help you!