One PC - Multiple Users, Independently & Simultaneously!

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ASTER, a multiseat software, allows Multiple Users to share a Single computer completely independently and simultaneously, as if each had their own individual PC—no extra hardware required!

No Matter What You Use

ASTER's got your back—Laptops, Desktops, Mini PCs, you name it! From an Intel I3-2120 to high-powered Workstation PCs like Ryzen Threadripper, it just works on every system!

What's Unique About ASTER?

No Extra Devices Required

Unlike hardware-based thin client solutions (e.g., NComputing), ASTER stands out as Zero Client Software, eliminating the need for individual thin client devices or hardware per user. All you need are monitors, mice, and keyboards for the users, and you're ready to go!

No Internet Needed

ASTER operates locally on your computer, requiring no active internet connection. Whether online or offline, worry-free computing is guaranteed!

Not A Virtual Machine (VM)

While Virtual Machines (VMs) demand a lot of resources and struggle on low-spec systems, ASTER operates differently. It doesn't function like a VM and effortlessly taps into your PC's full power, ensuring seamless performance across all systems. Pretty impressive, isn't it?

Welcome to 3D Graphics

One of ASTER's impressive features lies in its direct workplace connections to the computer via monitor cables, ensuring native performance without any latency issues. Unlike Thin Clients that rely on LAN connections, introducing latency through Ethernet cables, ASTER allows seamless use of GPU-heavy tasks. So whether you're using an IGPU or a powerful graphics card, ASTER ensures optimal performance, never letting you down.

Seamless Compatibility

ASTER's developers provide regular software updates, ensuring 99% compatibility with the latest peripherals—USB and Bluetooth devices, wireless video/audio adapters, graphics cards, webcams, tablets, card readers, and more. You can count on ASTER for hassle-free compatibility.

User-Friendly Installation

Installing ASTER is as easy as installing any regular Windows application such as MS Office, Chrome, or VLC Player—no technical know-how needed! If it doesn't suit your needs, uninstalling is just as effortless.

Create Up to 12 Workplaces

While it's not possible to create 12 workplaces on a system like I3-2120 (you can make 2 due to its low specifications), with adequate system configuration and considering the workload for each workplace, ASTER allows up to 12 independent user workplaces on a single computer!

Why Use ASTER?


Cut expenses on additional computers with ASTER, saving your budget.


Using ASTER you can reduce your electricity bill up to 4 times


ASTER can be started or unloaded at any time as a usual program


You can create an additional workplace even in a small room by eliminating additional PCs


Helps you reduce future e-waste by utilizing fewer computers in your organization. 


Installing ASTER does not require formatting the disk or reinstalling the Windows


ASTER supports both desktop and server Windows Operating Systems.
✔️Desktop: Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11
✔️Server: Windows Server 2016 - 2022

Where ASTER is Being Used






It Only Takes 15 Minutes

What You Need:

That's all you need for a basic setup!

Multiseat is NOT New

Historically, multiseating was prevalent in the early days of computers. However, with the advent of more affordable and accessible Personal Computers (PCs), the focus shifted. Yet, the demand for multiseat persisted, especially considering the advancements in computer processors where many users couldn't harness the full power.

Around 2010, ASTER was initially released, marking over a decade of its existence. In the market alongside ASTER were various multiseat solutions introduced by companies such as Miniframe's Softxpand, ThinSoft BeTwin, Userful, Microsoft's Windows Multipoint Server, NComputing's hardware-based Thin Client, and others. Despite the variety, ASTER has stood the test of time, becoming the favored choice for millions worldwide.

Currently, ASTER is preferred by users and organizations in over 30 countries and continues to gain popularity each year. To explore more about multiseat solutions and their historical evolution, you can visit this Wikipedia page.

Who We Are

Zelics (formerly ASTER Bangladesh), since 2021, serves as the authorized distributor of ASTER Multiseat in Bangladesh. Despite ASTER's decade-long existence, its recent release in Bangladesh may seem surprising.

However, aiming to democratize affordable computing access, we've collaborated with IBIK to introduce ASTER officially for the first time in Bangladesh, starting January 2021. Over the past three years, we've successfully assisted numerous users in meeting their licensing needs.

Don't Just Take Our Words For It

Needed another PC, found this software, and it's been fantastic. It worked flawlessly and saved me the cost of a whole new computer!

Jewel Hossain
Home User

Amidst COVID school closures, my eldest son aimed to teach his younger brothers computer skills. ASTER allowed this without needing two new computers. A real game-changer during this challenging time!

Zinnah Mome
Father of 3 Son

Unbelievable! Eight staff using a single computer as if they're on their individual PCs. Initially planned to purchase 8 low-spec systems, but ASTER saved us the hassle of maintenance and data management. It significantly reduced overall power usage. As the IT admin, it's been a remarkable solution.

Engr. Khalid Hasan
Bengalic Supermart Ltd.

We recently integrated ASTER into our office setup and express our gratitude to ASTER Bangladesh for their exceptional service.

Shofikul Islam
MetLife Bangladesh


"I chose ASTER for its versatility. Opting for one powerful computer instead of six low-spec PCs enabled not just 6 users for basic tasks but also supported heavy tasks like video editing, graphics design, and gaming across at least 2-4 workplaces in other times. Acquiring one powerful system cost almost the same as purchasing 6 low-spec PCs in my case. However, having a powerful system allows me to handle various tasks. Additionally, the latest-gen system boasts higher resale value if needed in the future, not to mention the significant reduction in electricity bills. ASTER is undoubtedly worth every penny!"

Shahin Ali

Owner of an IT Training Institute

The delivery was extremely prompt, and the service provided was excellent.

Md Razaul Karim
Cosmo Transport Agency

I needed a temporary 2nd workplace for a few months, so purchasing a brand new computer wasn't a feasible option. Fortunately, I discovered ASTER and bought a 1-year license. For the second user, all I needed was a monitor, an  HDMI cable and a set of mice and keyboard!

Md Mizan
Laptop User

I use ASTER for 3D modeling in Blender and Maya on one workplace, and for Photoshop, Illustrator, and internet browsing on other workplaces.

Alomgir Hossain
3D Modeler

We established a 1PC-5User and a 1PC-6User system for our call center and customer support departments. ASTER's service was generous and greatly appreciated.

Santu Das
Antaranga Dot Com Ltd.

What Are You Waiting For?

Ready to try ASTER? Activate your 14-day free trial upon installation on your PC. Experience all its features, including creating up to 12 workplaces, no credit card or registration required.

Questions You Might Have

What are the Minimum System Requirements?

Determining the exact minimum system requirements for ASTER varies depending on your workload and the number of workplaces you intend to create. To provide an idea, here are two user configurations:

    1PC - 2 USER

        Workload: MS Office/Internet Browsing/Coding

        Configuration: Core i3-2120; 4GB RAM; SSD

    1PC - 6 USER

        Workload: MS Office/Internet Browsing/Coding

        Configuration: Core i7-6th Gen; 16GB RAM; SSD

Please Note:

The mentioned configurations serve as references. The hardware you need depends entirely on your workload and desired number of workplaces. ASTER accommodates both Intel and AMD CPUs. Users employ ASTER for a spectrum of tasks, ranging from basic MS Office to Gaming, 3D Applications like Blender/Solidworks, Video Editing, Graphics Design, and more. For tailored build suggestions, feel free to contact our support. Alternatively, experimenting with creating a few workplaces on your existing computer can provide firsthand insight.

My PC's Motherboard only has 2 monitor ports, how can I add more than 2 monitors?

Most consumer desktop motherboards on the market feature 1-3 monitor ports. Some latest-generation Intel motherboards, like the GIGABYTE B760M DS3H, offer up to 4 display outputs. However, if you aim to create more workplaces than your motherboard allows, adding a graphics card is the solution. A graphics card enables easy addition of more monitors to your setup.

Don't fret about the choice. Purchase a graphics card based on your workload requirements. For tasks not requiring heavy GPU use, opting for cost-effective graphics cards solely for displaying outputs is viable. If this seems overwhelming, feel free to contact our technical support executive for personalized build suggestions. We're here to guide you through the entire build process.

My PC has many Ports, But I can't figure out which of them are display outputs

Firstly, let's understand the types of display outputs commonly found on motherboards. There are primarily four types: VGA, HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort (DP). Additionally, modern laptops and desktop motherboards often feature a Type-C port, some of which support display output capabilities.

If you're unsure about identifying these ports, consider conducting a quick Google search to familiarize yourself with the appearance of each port type. Alternatively, refer to your laptop's or motherboard's user manual for detailed information.

When I install a graphics card, only the graphics card ports work

Typically, upon installing a graphics card, the onboard (motherboard's) graphics outputs are disabled by default. To simultaneously use both the onboard graphics and the ports on your graphics card, you'll need to enable IGPU Multimonitor or Integrated Graphics from your motherboard's BIOS settings.

If you're unsure about accessing or adjusting these settings in your motherboard's BIOS, conducting a Google search for specific instructions or guidelines can be helpful. Alternatively, feel free to contact us for assistance. We're available to guide you through enabling these settings on your motherboard.

Free trial isn't working on my computer

There might be a couple of reasons why the trial isn't functioning properly. It could be due to a previous installation and activation of ASTER on that particular PC or other unanticipated technical glitches. Regardless of the cause, simply reach out to our support team for assistance. We'll provide you with a trial license and help resolve any issues you're encountering.

Is ASTER available on Mac or Linux?

ASTER does not support on Mac OS. and for linux, the company (IBIK Ltd.) planned to release a version for popular linux distributions, but the development has not begun yet, no ETA is made.

Do I need to install applications for each user?

In most cases, you don't have to. For instance, if you want to use Chrome across all workplaces, installing it once is sufficient; it will automatically be available on all workplaces, similarly for other commonly used applications.

I got a burning question: Will my PC deteriorate soon?

Not really! Let's break it down for easier understanding.


Processors deteriorate due to excessive heat. So, if the temperature is under control, there's no need to worry. Using 100% of the CPU won't significantly impact its lifespan; modern processors are designed to throttle down in excessive heat. The worst outcome is CPU throttling, not permanent damage.

Memory (RAM) and GPU:

Similar to CPUs, regular wear and tear isn't a significant factor for RAM and Graphics Cards, unless used for heavy tasks like mining.

Motherboard and PSU:

Using a quality Power Supply (PSU) with the right wattage for components is crucial. Cheap PSUs often cause failures in other components. Regular wear and tear exists but doesn't significantly affect on ASTER usage.

Storage (HDD/SSD):

SSDs might show wear with constant heavy tasks like video editing across multiple workplaces. For common users, this isn't a concern. HDDs are different than SSDs but are less affected than SSDs. 

In practical terms, ASTER has been used globally for over a decade by millions without significantly reducing system lifespan. Its continued use and development suggest it doesn't notably affect system longevity. That's our verdict.

Encountering Errors or Stuck at Setup?

Don't panic! It's entirely normal. Whether you have a simple inquiry or you're experiencing issues during installation or setup, we're here to assist you!

Tip: If you're having trouble with the installation process, our technical service agent can set up ASTER for you at no cost for the first time. No questions asked!