Position Statements

Students are my first priority

  • School board members and administrators should meet with students directly to hear their needs and concerns.
  • Every decision made and every action taken should always be for the children. Whether we need updated curriculum, a higher counselor to student ratio, more teachers, or secured buildings, we must address that first and foremost.
  • We need to meet the students where they are at and prevent further trauma so they know our schools are a safe place for them before issues arise.
  • I want to be a voice for students to promote changes that better prepare our students for life after high school. My dedication to our students motivates me to hear their voices and to be their voice on the school board. Students need to be our first priority.
  • I want the school board to examine ways to increase student services for students. Social and emotional well being impacts our students in the classroom and on campus.

Our schools are good, yet we can be better

  • Thanks to my 30 years of experience working as a counselor at Stanwood Middle School, I have insight that allows me to ask tough questions. I am not a candidate who agrees with the status quo or acts as a rubber stamp of approval. We must question district decisions and challenge the status quo in order to make decisions that are in the best interest of students.
  • I want to examine student services, such as those provided by counselors and nurses, to make sure we are supporting the social/emotional well-being of students in the classroom and the community.
  • When change is needed, changes must be made. The district needs to be proactive, not reactive.
  • I want to address our population growth in a manner that respects families, school capacities, and the community.
  • I believe the school district needs to examine ways to provide more resources and focus on preparing our students for careers and college by working with new graduation requirements while allowing students flexibility and success in their post-high school options.

I believe I can be a positive force on the school board to bridge the gaps as issues arise

  • During the next four years, there will be a new contract negotiated with teachers and staff, new schools opened, and boundaries possibly redrawn. It is imperative to listen to all sides before making a firm decision.
  • I want to see the school board make more connections with students and staff in our district.
  • I'd like more face-to-face meetings with groups of students (and parents) to hear their concerns and needs.
  • I will approach contract negotiations with goodwill and integrity.

Equity for students, teachers, and staff is necessary as the community grows and we become more aware of diverse academic and cultural needs

  • I want to work with an independent board that is willing to make changes in our district—changes that will improve our schools and community.
  • Do we need more special resources available for students to thrive? How do we make sure every student has their needs met?
  • I want to ensure we are doing all we can to close achievement gaps and provide the best possible practices in serving all our students, including special populations.

The entire district and each school needs to have vision--vision to promote success, hope, and resilience

  • What is our current vision? How do we implement this in each school and instill it in every graduate? How do we empower students to achieve their dreams and be active in the arts, STEM, and sports? What career paths can we provide?
  • Positive and effective communication from leadership is needed.
  • I believe more time needs to be given for teacher collaboration.
  • I want to ensure all employees are qualified, are reaching high standards, and are valued.

Budgets are complicated and can’t be reduced to overly simplistic numbers

  • I understand resources are limited. This means we need to be problem solvers and look for innovative ways to utilize the funds available.
  • The state has always continued to pay, even during the Great Recession, never leaving our school district to pay the full cost of our schools.
  • The Stanwood-Camano community is very supportive and has an excellent record of passing school levies.
  • Booster clubs, PTOs, and PTAs are excellent sources of information regarding areas in which they can help.