Zachary Bachman

I am a PhD candidate in philosophy at University of California, Riverside. My primary research interests are ethics, philosophy of action, and epistemology. Most of my work concerns the nature and origins of normativity, both practical and epistemic, and its relationship to agency and the mind. I am also interested in applied ethics, particularly environmental ethics, bioethics, and military ethics.

I am currently feverishly at work on a dissertation that defends constitutivism, the view that morality is grounded in features constitutive of our agency. I have learned from writing my dissertation that constitutivism has a lot more going for it than I initially thought when I started the project. As such I am now an anti-realist constructivist about morality.

I took all pictures on this website using my now broken LG G4 cell phone on a backpacking trip I took with my father in 2016 along the Pacific Crest Trail.