80 capsules х 250 mg = 18.00 euro

Nucleus is a natural product containing oil wheat germ extract prepared by cold pressing. The extract has a high therapeutic value due to the high percentage of biologically active substances. The therapeutic action of wheat germ due to its rich vitamin and mineral composition. It is a dietary supplement high in vitamin E, B vitamins, choline, inositol and several micronutrients. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. Is stored in the liver, adipose tissue, heart, muscles, testicles, uterus, adrenal and pituitary gland. Active antioxidant. It increases the activity of vitamin A. There are important as a vasodilator and anticoagulant. Slows the oxidation of fatty compounds, which slows the aging of cells. Increased need for vitamin E is in the case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, using contraception medications women in menopause. Wheat germ contains vitamin B1 / thiamine /. It supports growth. Facilitates the absorption of carbohydrates. Supports normal functioning of the nervous system. It turns slightly diuretic. More vitamin B1 need pregnancy , smokers, consuming more sugar. Take antacids are deprived of thiamine due observance of a diet. In all stress conditions, illness, anxiety, trauma, post-operative period, the intake of vitamin - B1 must be increased. Excess of vitamin B1 is eliminated in urine and not stored in tissues and organs, which does not result in hypervitaminosis or toxicity. Vitamin B3 is also known as nicotinic acid or niacin. Lack of niacin can predizvvika negative mental changes. It is also important for the synthesis of sex hormones / estrogen, progesterone, testosterone / and cortisone and insulin. Is necessary to maintain the good condition of the nervous system and the brain. Vitamin B5 / panthenol / - promotes cell development, normal growth and development of the central nervous system. It is important for the proper functioning of the adrenal glands. Stimulates the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates. It is necessary for the synthesis of antibodies and absorption of choline. Promotes wound healing. Reduce toxic effects of many antibiotics. It is recommended in larger doses hypoglycaemia duodenal ulcer. The availability of vitamin B6 is required for the formation of antibodies and red blood cells. Stimulates the absorption of fat and protein. Choline is a lipotropin agent, member of vitamin C. Together with inositol contributes to the absorption of fat and cholesterol. Choline is one of the few substances capable of penetrating the blood-brain barrier. This is particularly useful for memory. Controls the formation of cholesterol and prevents its deposition on arterial walls and gall bladder. Has a positive effect on the liver. Increases concentration of phosphorus in the body. Inositol is also a lipotropin agent. Combines with choline to form lecithin. Metabolises fats and cholesterol. Helps the absorption of vitamin F from the body. Play a role in keeping brain cells. Favourably influence the functions of organs and systems, immunity, physical endurance and performance. Calms the nervous system, reduces headaches.

- hormonal violations;

- fatigue, adynamia;

- preventively during pregnancy

- In adults, smokers;

- cardiovascular disorders;

- multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis;

Take 3 to 6 capsule daily in respect to your bodyweight. We recommend 2 times every day. For best results take the product for 2-3 months ! It is ok to be consumed by children !


Продуктът съдържа екстракт от пшеничен зародиш, който е известен с витамините и минералите в състава си. Те са изключително полезни за подобряване дейността на централната нервна система и имунитета. Витамин Е е полезен за подпомагане дейността на сърдечно-съдовата система и помага за забавянето на процесите на стареене. Особено подходящ за прием е от бременни, кърмещи или жени в критическа възраст. Витамин В1 ускорява растежа и въглехидратната абсорбация. Той е особено важен за поддържане на правилните функции на нервната система. Витамин В3 е важен за отделянето на половите хормони и инсулин и подпомага мозъчната дейност и нервната система. Витамин В5 пък помага за клетъчното изграждане и помага за дейността на нервната система. Освен това, помага за по-бързото зарастване на рани.

Тип на продукта: Меки желатинови капсули

Брой капсули: 80 капсули = 24.00 лева

Държава на производство: България

Противопоказания: При непоносимост към някоя от съставките.

Категория нервната система

3-6 Капсули дневно 1/2 час след хранене.

За оптимален ефект: вземете продукта в продължение на 2 месеца.

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