Young Scientist Symposium

Protein Quality Control

Welcome to the Young Scientist Symposium on Protein Quality Control.

It is our pleasure to host you during this two-day virtual symposium from September 23rd
to September 24th 2021!

We are a mixed group of young scientists in the field of protein quality control, working in the labs of Eilika Weber-Ban (ETH Zurich) and Ulrich Hartl (MPIB Martinsried), and are organizing this event to provide other young scientists (postdocs and PhD students) with an attractive and interactive platform to present and discuss their current work with everyone in the field of protein quality control.

Our program, featuring a select group of established plenary speakers and young scientists, covers topics from molecular mechanisms and cellular regulation of co- and post-translational protein quality control pathways, to aggregation and protein conformational diseases.

In addition to our invited speakers, we are excited to feature a collection of short talks and flash talks by you!

Each session will start with a plenary talk by one of our invited speakers and will then be followed by several short talks (15 min) or flash talks (3 min + additional Q&A session) from other ambitious young scientists.

Do you want to attend this exciting symposium?

Registration has been closed. We are looking forward seeing you at the symposium.

Registration Deadline

12 September 2021

Event Time

23 - 24 September 2021

14:00 - 22:30 GMT+2

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We are happy to announce the following plenary speakers for the event

Judith Frydman

Stanford University

Visit her website

Claudio Joazeiro

University of Heidelberg

Visit his website

Andreas Martin

University of California, Berkeley

Visit his website

Ronald Melki

Reut Shalgi

Israel Institute of Technology

Visit her website

Rebecca Taylor

MRC Laboratory

Visit her website