Under review

Covid-19 pandemic

  1. Lee, Y., & De Vos, J. Who Would Continue Working Remotely in Hong Kong As the Pandemic Progresses?. Under 2nd round review for Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment.

  2. Loo, B. P. Y., Tsoi, K. H., Axhausen, K. W., Cao, M., Lee, Y., & Koh, K. P. Spatial risk for the formation of a superspreading environment: A systematic study of six common facilities in six global cities across four continents. Under review for Science of the Total Environment.

Emerging mobility services & transportation technology

  1. Iogansen, X., Lee, Y., Young, M., Compostella, J., Circella, G., & Jenn, A. Ridehailing Use, Travel Patterns and Multimodal Lifestyle: A Latent-class Cluster Analysis of One-week GPS-based Travel Diaries in California. Under review for Travel Behaviour & Society.