Delivery Bavaria 36 Trondheim - Bergen mai 2015

"Pleasure doing business with you sir." Solide mann.

Bob Shepton gives an account of a joint delivery trip:

Bob Shepton - a highly experienced Arctic explorer who has led several Sailing and Climbing Expeditions to Greenland and Arctic Canada in his yacht, the Westerly 33 ft sloop 'Dodo's Delight'.

I was able to join Rikki on a delivery of a Bavaria 38 from Oslo to Trondheim. Of course I have imbibed all the usual prejudices against Bavarias, so it was good to find it sailed well both off and on the wind, that it was functional and roomy down below, perhaps almost too roomy, and that full vertical battens in the in-mast mainsail had at least improved its performance! For a family getting on the water or for folks mainly sailing coastal and offshore it would be difficult to find anything better for the price. But with that flat dish hull shape I still would not like one for serious cruising! And what a beautiful coastline that south coast of Norway is. Having bashed hard on engine in short seas against Force 5/6 on the nose we took the inner passages: passing through a fishing village with houses either side where the fjord was the village street was an unforgettable experience. Having passed the South Cape – it was nice to have rounded both the North and South Capes of Norway in one summer – we had Force 8 into 9 southerly so we sped up the west coast for a day, before taking the picturesque inner passages once again.

It was great to sail with such a professional and competent skipper.

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