I am Xinchen Lu and I love nature. I am from China, but please don't hold that against me. Working with Dr. Trevor F. Keenan, I am currently a doctoral student in UC Berkeley studying the bioshpere-climate interactions of the high-latitude ecosystems (starting this fall). Prior to Berkeley, I went to Wuhan University where I earned a B.E. in Remote Sensing Science and Technology. Along the way, however, I found myself mostly interested in the applications of remote sensing in environmental and climate studies. And the remote sensing and geoscience background somehow granted me the basic tools and unique prospects that students majoring in environment or earth science may not have been that familiar. Then, I became a Global Environmental Change major at Beijing Normal University where in China the only master program that focused on climate change was offered. In Beijing, I explored the use of remote sensing, eddy covariance and models to quantify the seasonality of carbon fluxes of the high-latitude ecosystems.

Keyword: Carbon and water cycling, phenology, remote sensing, arctic and boreal ecosystems