"Why Vietnam is not balancing China: Vietnamese security priorities and the dynamics in the Sino-Vietnam relations," with David Kang. Journal of East Asian Studies, forthcoming.

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Under Review  

"Volatile Nationalism: Measuring Baseline Nationalism with Social Media Data from Vietnam and the Philippines"

"Playing with Firecrackers: When and Why Nationalist Protests at Home Affect Crisis Bargaining Abroad?"

"Regime vs. State Survival in the Shadow of Unipole"

"Domestic Threats, Selection Bias, and East Asian Power Transitions in History," with David Kang

Working Papers (Manuscripts are available upon request)

“Reforming toward a Calmer Sea? The Source of China-Involved Incidents in the South China Sea,” with Mengxiao “Phoebe” Tang (USC) and Yu-Ting Lin (USC).

“Modern Economic Democracy” with Andrew Coe (Vanderbilt University)