Political Science Research Lab

I wouldn’t become who I am today if it weren't for my mentors. I am committed to paying it forward by working closely with underrepresented students.

The Political Science Research Lab (GitHub depository), based in the School of International Relations and Diplomacy at Beijing Foreign Studies University, is committed to recruiting and serving underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students from a wide range of fields. At PSRL, we value mentorship and partnerships between faculty and students. Emphasizing a collaborative culture, PSRL members gain hands-on experience in learning and applying computational methods to research by working alongside faculty on cutting-edge projects. Apart from offering data science and other research skills training, PSRL also offers a series of professionalization workshops to help members survive and thrive beyond academia.  

Click here to learn more about the student-led research projects by our lab members.

At PSRL, we invest a lot of energy in training students in applied data science, with a particular focus on data management, automated text analysis, and data visualization using R.

Workshops & Boot Camps (Fall 2022 Schedule)

Session 1: Introduction to R

September 7, 2022. Session notes, R markdown & data.

Session 2: Data visualization (I)

September 14, 2022. Session notes.

Session 3: Data visualization (II)

September 21, 2022. Session notes. 

Session 4: Automated text analysis: key concepts

September 28, 2022. Session notes, R markdown & data.

Session 5: Dictionary methods

October 5, 2022. Session notes & data.

Session 6: Machine learning methods

November 16, 2022.

Session 7: Network analysis

November 23, 2022.