Code of Conduct

Eddy County Home Educators CoC

Code of Conduct Policy

The standard of conduct for ECHE can be summed up by the adage: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Membership in our group acknowledges our code of conduct.

Midriffs covered, and clothing logos should represent our group in high esteem and contain PG images and sayings. No weapons unless it is part of a class (whittling, etc.). Class safety rules will be strictly followed.Digital or paper material should be PG or better, please be sensitive to others values. No language that is lewd or crude.

Please follow the expectations appropriate to the activity participation norms. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children at all times.Children need to either be in the activity or with their parents. Small children under 3 are not allowed to roam or run around unsupervised.

Teachers and Assistants: please do not use your cell phone or check your email during class time.If parents aren't teaching, directly helping with the activity, or directly helping their child, please either assist the class in some way or ensure you are not a distraction.

For anything not listed, ask yourself if you or if your child’s actions are honest, responsible, respectful, kind, fair, and safe.

Participants can contact board members at any time. Anyone submitting concerns should also suggest solutions.

No children, including teens, should be outside except when directly under the supervision of an adult. No loitering in restrooms. Public display of affection is not allowed. No smoking, drinking alcohol, illegal drugs or otherwise are allowed at Co-Op.

The leader of an activity may notify class of an alternate method to address behavior if it is in the spirit of our code of conduct. Recommended pattern: 1st offense: Speak to the student, ask them to stop and give a warning.2nd offense: Remind them to stop, move them closer to an adult, or suggest an alternative to them.3rd: Request their parent to come join them or the parent takes the child for a break from the class.If a child's behavior is excessively rude or aggressive steps 1 and 2 can be skipped.

If problems continue the parent and teacher will complete a conflict resolution plan before returning to class. All corrections will strive to be done with kindness. If a child is misbehaving in an offensive or harmful manner, we ask that the situation be immediately brought to the attention of his or her parent in a respectful manner to allow the parent the opportunity to solve the matter appropriately. If the parent fails to correct the behavior, or if behavior continues regardless of correction, a child and parent can be asked to leave an activity by the activity leader. The activity leader will follow up with a phone call to see what will be helpful to the child for a better outcome. Members should not discuss the matter on social forums.


1. We encourage the parties to avoid messaging each other and to set a time to speak by phone or in person for the best communication.Parties are expected to speak directly to each other first to address an issue, after everyone is calm and focus on problem solving and listening.Individuals who bring an issue to the board will be encouraged to start with this step.

2. Next, the offended party can choose someone to help each party understand each other. Conversation should be focused on understanding each other to restore the relationship. Parties suggest a solution to each other.

3. The next step will be to meet with the board and conversation will focus on resolving the problem with input from all parties. This will happen at a meeting of the board, and will be given a structured time to discuss the issue.

4. A continuing issue between parties will result in a decision by the board that will facilitate order. As a last resort, this can include suspension or removal from the group. Suspension or removal will need a majority vote of the board. Every effort will be made to avoid those options, and focus will be on a resolution that brings order.


Issues of safety can be a group effort. Any excessive or vicious attack, verbal or physical aggression, or dangerous behavior will result in immediate removal of the involved parties from the activity while it can be addressed. Repeated issues will require a conflict resolution agreement. Extreme situations may warrant removal or suspension from the group by majority vote of the board. Reasonable efforts will be made for a positive outcome.

Social media conduct:

We desire to communicate well within our group. If specific questions or concerns are ongoing, it would be better to speak more in-depth on the matter to gain clarity and resolution. We ask that they be made via private chat to a board member. At that point, they may be resolved or brought to the board for consideration. We desire clear communication, and lengthy detailed media discussions can make resolution difficult. We recognize how much better it can be to discuss one on one or on the phone. This will also help streamline issues so threads won't get lost or too long, and we can give the issue the attention it deserves. Please communicate so we know if more than one person is having similar thoughts. If multiple people have concerns about the same issue, we will post about it. If there are Negative,,rude or demeaning comments, posts, or messages that could affect the encouraging nature of our group, they will be deleted. 9/2019