Eddy County Home Educators


We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) homeschool membership group located in Carlsbad, NM, and we include homeschooling families from Eddy County. As a co-operative we share resources, time , and effort to support homeschooling families. Since our founding in 2019, membership fees covered extracurricular class costs, parties, activities, some field trip costs, administrative costs, building fees, reduced-cost art classes, and special events. As a nonprofit group, we can receive grant money, and some special benefits from other organizations. This semester, in order to promote broader homeschool community involvement, we have waived membership. Planning ahead for next semester, we are looking to connect with those who want to participate, organize, or lead extracurricular classes and continued social opportunities for homeschool families. Please call 575-302-0009 or email board@echenp.org if you have any questions.

Membership benefits include:

15% off HSLDA ( Home School Legal Defense Association) membership and one free HSLDA membership given away per year

Planned field trips, mom nights, and play days

Group rate discounts/free tickets on some field trips and entrance fees

Group and teamwork opportunities for kids

Being a 501(c)(3) makes it possible to receive grant money for educational products such as science and robotic kits

Leadership development for group members, and current and future board members

Discounted price for art classes for kids

Enrichment of your home curriculum with extracurricular experiences

Rub elbows with other awesome parents educating their children

If you are already a member, this site will also be the home to the Policies and Code of Conduct that we expect our group to follow. This website has links to pay for registration fees, class fees, and required forms.

Thank you!

Past Classes include:

Magic of Electricity, Survival Skills Lecture series, Animal Husbandry, Chess, Lego Mindstorm class, Nature journaling, Art classes (sketching, charcoal, watercolor, abstract, pottery), Book clubs, General elementary science, Junk Drawer Robotics, Cooking, Crafty hour, Geography, Math/math games, Board Game Hour, Speech and debate, Robotics programming, Financial literacy, PE group games, basketball, Junior space engineering exploration, Spanish, Preschool, High School Nutrition class, Kindergarten group, Math Club games from Bedtime Math, Photography, Running Club, Improvisation.

Past events:

Inspired by Science event, World Culture Day,local history bus tour, Hobbs Museum, swimming, hiking, Back to School Bash, Field day, Alamogordo White Sands, Lubbock Science Museum, outdoor nature journaling, holiday parties, end of the year award show and art exhibit, Roswell Planetarium, a traveling Educational Art Experience through Creative Carlsbad Art Council, and Carlsbad Museum exhibits. We have Valentine, Christmas, Easter and other holdiay parties and fun.