Roles of Executive Board Members



Chair Meeting

Finalize agenda

Coordinates the nominating committee

At Spring meeting, set next year's calendar and select host / hostess

Arrange for guest speakers as appropriate

Negotiates for facilities and menu


In absence of Chairperson, conduct meeting

Assist Chairperson as assigned

Arrange for guest speakers as appropriate


Take minutes at meetings

Print and distribute minutes

Request postage reimbursement from Treasurer

Maintain membership lists / keep email list current


Send out meeting announcement

Receive reservations and money

Notify host of number attending

Prepare agenda

Pay bills, maintain bank account and maintain financial records

Give financial report to Secretary for minutes

Maintain name cards


Find meeting place

Select Menu

Notify Treasurer of cost

Notify hotel of count


Chair nominating committee and present slate at May Meeting

CAPPA Chairperson will be selected and serve a one-year term.

Chairperson will remain as Past-Chairperson for one-year.

A new Vice-Chairperson will be selected annually.

Secretary, Membership/Treasurer and Treasurer are appointed indefinitely.

Chairperson selection will rotate between Northern and Southern California.

A nominating committee will be appointed by the Chairperson at the winter meeting to report at the next meeting.