Microsoft Support Customer Care Phone Number -How Can I Contact Hotmail

Hotmail is a popular email service back in time. It was updated with latest features time and again and is now owned by Microsoft. Now there is no Hotmail available as Microsoft is the one that is hosting it. As per the records Hotmail has around 360 million registered users across the world. After Microsoft bought Hotmail, it renamed the service as MSNHotmail. MSN is an internet service provider by Microsoft. If you want to know the contact details of Hotmail and also the customer care numbers of Microsoft ,just read on this article.

Microsoft Support Customer Care Phone Number -How Can I Contact Hotmail

After Microsoft acquired Hotmail, it shut it services and shifted Ann its users to which means then Hotmail is now Outlook. If you are still using the email address of Hotmail. in order to contact it you need to access Outlook. Though Outlook is a popular email service, does not offer any phone numbers for customer support. Instead you can refer the troubleshooting section in the where you can find answers for your queries. You can also refer the below URL for your queries.

Hotmail Support

Many users are not aware of the fact that mail was acquired by Microsoft and was renamed as Outlook. As we said earlier, there is no official customer care support provided by Outlook to its users you need to look the other way to get answers for your questions. If you have any queries regarding signing up on, facing login problem etc, you need to visit,

Microsoft Outlook Support in various Countries

Microsoft is a named company in the world. It has its branches located in various countries across the globe. There are tons of users who use Microsoft services and the company offer great customer care services to its users. Microsoft offers great technical support for various issues. The Microsoft support website contains the contact number, address etc. The official support page of Microsoft is:

Microsoft Support Customer Care Phone Number - Contact Hotmail

Windows is also an offspring of Microsoft. Microsoft offers support for the Windows users all across the world. The URL for the customer support is same as the above. You can click on the URL and select Windows from the list of services provided.

Microsoft Support Contact number

Microsoft offers wonderful support for its users through telephonic services. You Can simply dial to your customer care number and can lodge your complaint with them. To know the Customer care phone number of Microsoft for your region just visit the below website:

Once the page opens select your country and region to see the phone number and also address of the nearest Microsoft store.

Outlook Support Phone number

To call the customer care of Outlook, visit

In the link though you cannot find the telephone numbers of the customer support team, you can find the answers for all the queries. The latest updates about the Outlook products can be found in the page.