Hotmail Login, Sign in -MSN login process

Do you have a Hotmail login? While you won’t have to be online to send an email, you’ll need a Hotmail account, to send an electronic mail message. Microsoft purchased Hotmail over two decades ago in 1997, and today it can be used for several applications. You can use your Hotmail ID for office communication, online marketing, or talking with friends or family.

Fun Fact: Ray Tomlinson sent the first server email in 1971 through the pre-Internet computer network known as Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET). It’s Projected that by the start of 2019 the world will have 3.8+ billion email users.

Hotmail Login, Sign in -MSN login process

Hotmail was founded 20+ years ago in 1996. The last version of the email platform was launched in October 2011 and a few years later was replaced by Hotmail was one of the first webmail services in the world. The non-ISP-based email gave users the ability to access their email accounts anywhere in the world.

In 1997 Microsoft purchased Hotmail for a reported $400 million. It quickly became the world’s biggest webmail service. In 2013 Hotmail was replaced by Outlook. Today Microsoft’s email platform is considered one of the top free email accounts along with other platforms like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and AOL.

Hotmail is used for various purposes including academics. For example, it gives students an opportunity to interact with their teacher and classmates. Since Hotmail/Outlook is a free service you won’t have to worry about spending monthly fees, which can add up quickly.

Email is also used for registering for different online platforms. That includes social media accounts like Facebook. You can also access your Facebook account by just inputting your email address you’ve connected it to.

Hotmail vs Gmail/Yahoo

The webmail domain is now known as Outlook. This web-based suite allows you to complete many tasks simultaneously. In fact, it’s one of the world’s most popular online mail services.

Google-owned Gmail became the world’s most popular email provider in 2012. Today Gmail has 1+ billion monthly active users.

Meanwhile, Microsoft reported 400+ million Outlook/Hotmail users in Q1. Then there’s Yahoo Mail with 225+ million users (Q1 2017). Google’s webmail will likely stay at the top spot in part due it’s being the world’s most popular search engine and processing 1.2 trillion searches every year.

You can use your Hotmail account for a wide range of purposes. They include business, marketing, and academic activities. In fact, one of the main reasons Hotmail has remained popular is due to the wide range of applications it can be used for.

One of the reasons Hotmail/Outlook has remained popular is due to its connection to MS Windows and MS Office. Windows 10 has been installed on over 38% of all PCs and is on track to become the world’s most popular PC OS bypassing Windows 7.

The process of logging in to a Hotmail account from a web/mobile browser is quite easy if you follow some basic steps.

How to Create Hotmail Accounts

If you want to sign up for a account, it’s quite easy. Just launch your web browser and complete the following steps:

· Go to

· Click on the button Create Free Account

· Add the new email ID and the domain

· If the ID is available, add the password so you can access the Hotmail account

· Enter First Name and Last Name

· Enter the captcha so Microsoft you’re a human and not a robot

· Set language/time zone

· Pick avatar

· Add signature

That’s all you have to do to create a brand new Hotmail account. Then it’s just a matter of sharing your Hotmail login with friends, family, and coworkers so you can communicate with them. You can also send attachments like MS Word/Excel files or photos.

When sending an email make sure to add something in the Subject field. This is especially important when emailing someone for the first time. This helps to verify you’re not sending malicious software (malware), viruses, Trojans, and so on.

It’s also critical to learn some “netiquette” about sending an email. This will help to increase the chance that the receiver of the email will read it.

What’s it all about? “Netiquette” combines the words “net” and “etiquette” and involves using polite behavior when using online outlets. In the case of sending an email here are some key steps to take:

· Add meaningful/accurate subject line

· Include a greeting with the receiver’s first or last name

· Identify yourself

· Stay on topic

· Include opening/closing line

If you take these basic steps when sending an emailfrom your Hotmail account there’s a greater chance the mail will get read.

Hotmail Login Steps

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to log in to your Hotmail account:

· Go to the website

· Click on option Sign in.

· Click Hotmail Sign In

· Enter your email address and click Next.

· Input password and click Next button.

· You can then access your Hotmail inbox

That’s it! Afterwards, you can then use your Hotmail account to touch base with your company’s team, check in with a relative, or send email marketing.

If you’re using a mobile browser, the settings might be different. However, the steps to use your Hotmail login will be the same.

How to Reset Hotmail Account’s Password

In its 20+ year history, Hotmail has taken steps to beef up the webmail’s security. This is absolutely necessary with 400+ million Outlook/Hotmail accounts on the web.

There are times you might want to reset your Hotmail password for whatever reason. It might be due to forgetting your password or to protect your email account from hack attacks.

The process of resetting your Hotmail password is easy:

· Go to

· Sign in to your email account

· Look for menu option at the top-right side of the page.

· Pick Edit Password option from the drop-down menu

· Verify the account’s owner through a text message/call

· Enter the code you receive then you’ll be redirected to a new web page

· Enter your new password two times

· Save all changes

It’s highly recommended to change the password from time to time to help prevent security vulnerabilities.

Make sure never to give out your password to anyone for any reason. If you suspect your account has been the victim of a hack attack make sure to contact the Hotmail team immediately so they can take necessary actions to safeguard your Hotmail login.