If you are a professional email writer and writes emails regularly to your clients and customers, it is necessary for your email to have professional signature in the end. Without having a professional signature set, it gets difficult to change the format and font every time email is sent. To avoid that you can simply set your own professional signature in your Hotmail by adding it so that it gets automatically added every time a mail is composed. By setting a professional signature for all the emails you send from your end the signature gets automatically added. At the time of composing a new mail you can add or remove any info you would like to change. You can decide what information to add in the signature slot.

Steps to follow to setup professional signature

  • Start by signing in to your email account with Hotmail.com or Live.com email.

  • Click on the Options button located at the right side of the screen.

  • In the drop down menu click on the More Mail Settings.

  • In the more mail settings click on Formatting, Font and Signature, under the Writing Email.

  • Select the font and set the size of your signature. Now enter the professional signature you want to add for your emails.

  • Click on save to add your signature.

  • The info that you add to your professional signature is unique to your emails.

The information that you could include in composing the mail is:

Full Name

Email Addresses

Physical Address

Telephone Number

URL of Your Website or Blog

The professional signature should not exceed more than five lines as per the rules. While sending the signature make sure to keep it as professional as possible.

How to Format and Setup Professional Signature on Hotmail.com email

There are few pros to setting up a professional signature for the emails you compose through hotmail.com.

  • You can append contact information in the professional signature slot that will help the user on the other end identify who you are. It also makes it easy for them to contact you.

  • If you are composing a professional email like a job opening or something like that your professional signature gives the employer a clear idea about your contact details, which makes it easy for him to contact you back. It also adds professionalism to your emails.

  • If you are doing an online business and want your contact details to reach your customers then adding your contact information to the professional signature is the best way. It also gives them a good feeling that you revealed all your contact details. As you are not hiding anything, your customers will feel risk-free to work with you or collaborate with you.

  • If you are into an online business which involves ordering products, by leaving your professional signature at the end of the email helps them get back to you easily.

These are the pros of appending a professional signature at the end of the email in Hotmail. Make sure to verify your account before adding the signature to your mail.