Meet the Steering Committee

Steering Committee members advise on program activities and introduce funding and collaboration connections where possible. They also complete a variety of other roles to help our program best serve West Virginia!

Sue Ann Heatherly

Green Bank Observatory


Seeks funding and grant opportunities

Sophie Knudsen

Green Bank Observatory

Program Coordinator

Coordinates and leads Steering Committee meetings, Fall Training, and Spring Summit. Advises scheduler, updates SPOT management documentation, compiles a yearly evaluation report, updates social media, develops recruitment posters and emails, programs advertisement to teachers, designs and updates website, updates presentations

Harley Kinder

Green Bank Observatory

Fiscal Coordinator

Pay orders for Ambassadors, invoices to funding members, fiscal reporting

Jeremiah Berkstresser

Green Bank Observatory


Sends email notifications, of new requests to Ambassadors bi-weekly.

Campus Advisors

These members recruit and certify ambassadors. Develop course work/ academic integration, restock SPOT kits and assist with presentation preparation.

Kathryn Williamson

West Virginia University

Membership & Sponsorship Coordinator

Develops membership & sponsorship policies, seeks new members & sponsors

Tracey DeLaney

West Virginia Wesleyan College

Deb Hemler

Fairmont State University

Jon Saken

Marshall University

Jason Best

Shepard University

Hannah Payne

West Virginia State University

Research Members

These members develop or have developed presentations and activities

Kathryn Williamson

West Virginia University

Eric Merriam

West Virginia University

Duncan Lorimer

West Virginia University

Maura McLaughlin

West Virginia University

Majid Jaridi

NASA WV Space Grant Consortium

Candy Cordwell

NASA WV Space Grant Consortium

Jeff Northey


Jess White