Camping - tents and small campers

We have reserved the Beaver Bay group camp (Friday through Sunday). Wednesday and Thursday, we have few individual campsites reserved. Contact Christine Stamper at to RSVP for Wednesday and Thursday camping. Sunday night camping at the group camp is free. (You can also leave your tent up until after racing on Sunday.) Parking and space is restricted so we are not able to accommodate motorhomes, anything larger than a small van will need and individual site.

Camping - RV's and such

The map show the most convenient spots but anywhere in Beaver Bay campground is good. You will need to make a separate reservation with Thousand Trails for Beaver Bay We have the group camp Sunday night and there should be no space restrictions so you are welcome in the group camp that night.


Gates close at 9pm so if you have to come in after this - please let us know in advance so we can make arrangements email me at (there is not cell coverage at Beaver Bay) - if the gate is closed and locked, you will need to park, walk in and get help to open the gate.

and the Rules - the small print .....

some rules to note,

parking is restricted and only in designated areas, alcohol and cannabus isn't permitted, quiet hours are 10pm-8am