Leadership Council

The Leadership Council (LC), consisting of between eleven and thirteen elected graduate students, administers WPA-GO efforts and initiatives. Most LC members serve for two years, during which they may cycle between various yearly duties depending on roles and interests. 

Headshot of Jagadish wearing sunglasses

Jagadish Paudel


Headshot of Roland

Roland Dumavor

Vice Chair & Leader of Inclusion Advisory Collective

Headshot of Kathleen

Kathleen Lyons 

Past Chair & Professional Mentor

Headshot of Mikenna

Mikenna Sims

Co-Chair, Mentoring Committee

Headshot of Cody

Cody Bursch

Co-Chair, Mentoring Committee 

Erin Green

Co-Chair, Digital Presence

Sydney Sullivan

Co-Chair, Digital Presence 

Macy Dunklin

Co-Chair, Outreach Committee

Taylor Dickson

Co-Chair, Outreach Committee 

Headshot of Jiaxin

Jiaxin Zhang

Co-Chair, Diversity Committee

Headshot of Kelsey

Kelsey Hawkins

Masters Representative & 

Co-Chair, Accessibility Committee

Headshot of Summer

Summer West

Co-Chair, Accessibility Committee

Many, many thanks to our outgoing Leadership Council members!

Headshot of Rocio

Rocio Rodriguez 

Masters Representative 

Headshot of Amory

Amory Orchard

Chair of the Outreach Committee

Headshot of Laura

Laura Hardin Marshall 

Past Chair

Headshot of Kat

Kat Gray

Co-Chair of the Digital Presence Committee 

Headshot of Analeigh

Analeigh Horton

Co-Chair of the Mentoring Committee