WoSAR 2022 Program

Online Program

Amid the continuing COVID-19 situation, this year WoSAR will be held online. The program this year is composed of 2 keynote invited talks and 7 research papers. All the events will be live.

The details of our one-day workshop program are as follows:

WoSAR 2022 Program (Schedule shows New York Time) - October 31, 2022



Raffaele Romagnoli and Ricardo M. Czekster (PC Co-Chairs)

Alberto Avritzer and Michael Grottke (General Co-Chairs)


Session 1: Software Rejuvenation Models

Session chair: Kishor Trivedi

Keynote Talk + Q&A :

(9:00-9:40): Rejuvenation On-The-Go: Addressing Software Aging in Android Mobile Systems

Roberto Natella

Live Research Paper:

(9:40-10:00): A Markov Regenerative Model of Software Rejuvenation Beyond the Enabling Restriction

Laura Carnevali, Marco Paolieri, Riccardo Reali, Leonardo Scommegna and Enrico Vicario

(10:00-10:20): Sequential Performance Analysis of Systems that Age and Rejuvenate

Leonardo Nascimento, Cabral Lima, Daniel Menasché and Guilherme Domingues

(10:20-10:40): Towards Making Unikernels Rejuvenatable

Takeru Wada and Hiroshi Yamada


Session 2: Software Rejuvenation and Runtime Models

Session chair: Enrico Vicario

Keynote Talk + Q&A :

(10:40-11:20): Software Rejuvenation and Cybersecurity Issues in Model Predictive Control

Jose Maria Maestre Torreblanca

Live Research Paper:

(11:20-11:40): Software rejuvenation and runtime reliability monitoring

Alessandro Fantechi, Gloria Gori and Marco Papini


Session 3: Software Aging Models

Session chair: Artur Andrzejak

Live Research Paper:

(11:40-12:00): Analysis of Software Aging in a Blockchain Platform

Douglas Dias, Fumio Machida and Ermeson Andrade

(12:00-12:20): Crash Injection to Persistent Memory for Recovery Code Validation

Soichiro Sakamoto, Keita Suzuki and Kenji Kono

(12:20-12:40): A Software Aging-Related Bug Prediction Framework Based on Deep Learning and Weakly Supervised Oversampling

Yancai Zhou, Jianwen Xiang and Chen Zhang


Session 4: Closing Remarks

Session chair: Michael Grottke and Alberto Avritzer

(12:40-13:00): Wrap (feedback, discuss plans for next year) - All Invited

(13:00-14:00): WoSAR Live Social Banquet